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They’re out there. They’re everywhere. “The mystique” are creatures of darkness that want nothing more than to bring chaos and destruction to mankind. They fester in dark alleyways and lurk through our sewer systems. They also could be living amongst us in plain sight. They could be your boss, or even your classmate. Whether they be vampire, Lycan, zombie or demon, the mystique feverishly try to test our modern civilization.

We will not stand for it. Our mission is to destroy them all, protecting the innocent and those we love. Watch us as we bare arms and slay down these vile creatures, these pushers of pain and impurity. These infidels are the fools of folklore. The fawns of fables. We are The Mythbusters…

Season TWO: naomi “nomi” Brooks [vampire]

Season Three: Alissa (Quarter Four 2022)

Our Cast As They Start Their Journey!

Show Case: Naomi