The Steps:

  1. Connect your Xumm App by scanning the QR code after pushing the “ACCESS DEX”
  2. Click the arrows on the right until you get to “Get Started”
  3. Click “Connect Wallet” and select “Xumm App” — Click “Connect Xumm Wallet”
  4. Scan the QR code with the Xumm App with the camera feature in the app (Located in the middle of the app), Slide the bottom that pops up to the right, to confirm.
  5.  Click this, and then click “base pair”.
  6.  A box will pop up that allows you select “Issuer”, move your cursor down to “+ Other”, then select that and input “rBTGEj2yAxMz6VLCd97wB6sG1htNmFuNLX” by copying and pasting.
  7. Click the magnifying glass and allow time for a search to occur
  8. After the search has completed, click the last box just below that, that says currency, xGil should pop up. Click confirm.
  9. Now you need a counter currency to trade. Click “Counter” next to the “xGil” that you selected. You can choose between “SOLO” or “XRP”, if you want, you can create your OWN pair
  10. Enjoy trading 😀