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The calmness captured within creation 

As the story unfolds, we will release character pack collectables. This way, individuals will have the chance to acquire each character as they are introduced. The value of the character will be determined by the Sologenic NFT Marketplace, however releases will be determined by the value of the xGil via the Sologenic DEX (exchanges) initially. Character packs will be sold in exchange for xGil/XRP/SOLO via the website through the email portal at first to ensure proper credentials for transfers to be placed. Seasonal packs of the characters will continue to be released until the creator has finished with the cast and then the manga will be launched. Each seasonal release will introduce a new character. Only Four NFTs will be released as envisioned by the creator on our apparel, with 150 randomized forms representing that character for a total of 154 NFTs per Season. More details on the inventory page and our Off-WhitePaper

Two eyes are needed to create an image both clear and with depth which is the school of thought we wanted to use to bring to you our first story of The MythBusters that can be captured within the XRPL through the, and without solely relying on the unique traits NFTs bring, we also aim to deploy a means of bringing the power of XRPL NFTs to the tangible world as well as the digital. We are a group of individuals that enjoy Anime, Video games, Art and Hip-Hop culture, so come with us as we wrap (pun intended) all of this with XRPL NFTs.

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“Gold In Light”: The currency that is accepted within our ecosystem. As an adjunct to XRP, it will be tradeable within the Sologenic DEX against XRP/Solo. As the culture grows and finds value within the story, so shall the value of xGIL.

Character NFTs

As the stories of The MythBusters come to fruition, no matter where the journey is, NFTs will be will be available to own.

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Season Two White-List is now open! 150 spots max.