Inventory: SEASON 1

In most cases, rarity is determined by statistics, however we have decided to add the lore of the story to help in addition to the traditional rarity chart. Within Mythbusters, the energy that some characters use is measured by D.R.O.P. level. Therefore, rarity ought to be within the randomized forms of characters based on the traits that they possess. 

NFTs can be used as art, and our team has decided to stay true to that until future developments. Every quarter, a new character pack will be released. Furthermore, we have decided the technique to release FOUR envisioned pieces (LEGENDARIES) within a season, which will be HIDDEN until apparel reveal but the background will be selectable within the White-list form, displayed only by name at first and revealed once printed. 

-Each randomly generated NFT will be exchanged for (777) Gilz, or 133 XRP (for season two)

-D.R.O.P Level mechanics further the value within each character, which is based on Inventory of traits within the NFTs

D.R.O.P. Level Access

D.R.O.P Level Portal



Check Your Rarity

Trait Rarity Table


    • 7x Fables
    • 10x Myths
    • 4x Legendary
    • 7x Fables
    • 2x Myths
    • 1x Legendary
  • HATS
    • 10x Fables
    • 10x Myths
    • 2x Legendary
  • HAIR
    • 0x Fables
    • 7x Myths
    • 1x Legendary
    • 6x Fables
    • 2x Myths
    • 1x Legendary
    • 5x Fables
    • 3x Myths
    • 1x Legendary
    • 0x Fables
    • 9x Myths
    • 1x Legendary
    • 4x Fables
    • 6x Myths
    • 0x Legendary
  • SKIN
    • Got Attention 50/50
    • Ignores you 50/50

Mint of 248