Dynamic Rising Output performance

D.R.O.P. Level

The Schematics

Every character within the Mythbusters realm carries with them the ability to have their D.R.O.P. level measured. The higher the D.R.O.P. level, the more powerful that version of that character is. In addition to the natural rarity of a character that is released, due to traits within their build, D.R.O.P. level will ultimately give an edge.

D.R.O.P. level is the bench mark within the lore of the story behind Mythbusters, that measures strength. We have created a tool which will allow users to determine said level, in an easy way, via a radar chart by utilizing the embedded external link on every character within the Sologenic NFT Marketplace. 

We repurposed the external link to host the Metadata for the traits in all the characters during the minting of each NFT, to allow more utility in the future and for specifically this case. Each trait was designated a specific portion of D.R.O.P. which was dictated by the percentage rarity of said trait in the form of a whole number. The rarer the character that you hold, The More Powerful.. They Are.

Measure Your D.R.O.P. Level


Step 1:

Bring up your character (example will be Abby) on the Sologenic Platform, or Click the link to get your own.

Mythbusters Season One

Step 2:

Scroll down on your character until you see the embedded external link. “Right Click” and select “Copy Link Address”


Step 3:

Follow the Link below and paste your unique external link into the shown box, then click “Load File” and it will display your characters D.R.O.P. level.

D.R.O.P Level